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29 Jan 2015 

'Didn't she have your phone a second ago?' The phone was in the toilet!" the said on On Air. "I put it in a bag of rice, [but] nothing worked." NEWS: Does North West already have a boyfriend?! What else is the famous family up to these days? Kim pokes fun at her selfie obsession in a Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile (it debuted online and on TBS' Conan this week), and if North grows up and feels the same way about selfies, so be it.

Kanye West: Kim Kardashian & Daughter North Made Me 'Better Human Being' - Yahoo News

And it sounds like the couple, who tied the knot in May 2014, doesn't plan to stop at two children. "More kids cant come soon enough!" Kim, 34, said. PHOTOS: The Many Men Of Kim Kardashian The proud mom also revealed that she is currently in the process of potty training 19-month-old North, and that her daughter is "so smart." "She is halfway potty trained, which is insane for her age," she told the mag. "Last night she looked up at the sky and pointed and said, 'Moon, Mom!

Kim Kardashian 'Really Trying' For More Kids - Yahoo News

Weve really been trying for another kid, she told People . More kids cant come soon enough! As for the daughter they already have, Kardashian couldnt help but gush about how smart she already is. Though she is a typical toddler and flushed the Yeezus rappers phone down the toilet recently. She is halfway potty trained, which is insane for her age, she said.

Khloe Kardashian Mocks Fake Scott Disick, Kendall Jenner Affair Story, "I Thought it Was You and I Having the Affair" - Yahoo Celebrity

"I always have someone to think about going home to," he told Ellen. "And, you know, something for me to be brave for what I want to do for humanity, but also to be more protective of myself for my family too. Cause there are things Ive done in the past that were considered negative, but I was really jumping in front of the tank for other people or for culture in a way, so now I always have to have that in my mind that I have a family that I have to protect too." "You don't seem like, angry... And I think your emotions are grounded in a way that they come out in protection and love... They're channeled in a different way," Ellen noted. North West seen on Instagram on November 29, 2014 (Instagram) PHOTOS: The Many Men Of Kim Kardashian "I think I was going through my version of my terrible twos," the rapper said.

Kardashian Family?s Former Housekeeper Speaks Out About Kim Kardashian, Claims Scott Disick Was ?Constantly Drunk?

She loves to play practical jokes, especially on Kim. She would hide her clothes and shoes and Kim would panic," revealed the housekeeper. This isnt the first time a former employee of the Kardashian clan has spoken out about the family. Contrary to InTouchs source who portrays Kim in a positive light, another former employee of Kims made some not-so-charming allegations about the mom of one during an interview with Life & Style in June. Kim dresses her daughter in only neutral colors, said an insider , who also claimed that Kim insisted her entourage walk behind her in public.

Kim Kardashian talks expanding her family with husband Kanye West, says more kids 'can't come soon enough' |

Huh?!?! Damn Gina!!! Damn!!!" Quick to respond, Disick tweeted back to his sister-in-law. "Don't worry @khloekardashian, You will always be my number 1," he wrote. Retweeting his reply, Khloe added, "That's what's up Lord!!!" PHOTOS: Khloe's body evolution It's not the first time Khloe has called out magazines for inventing stories about her and her family's love lives. In November of last year she tweeted a photo of Life & Style's front cover, claiming she original site was in a secret relationship with Disick.

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28 Jan 2015 

"He's happy about this look!" Kim captured the cute snapshot. Meanwhile, Kim wasn't shy about struggling to squeeze her signature curves into one especially tight look. "We were making it fit! #DamnSampleSize #BalmainArmy," she wrote. A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Jan 26, 2015 at 11:18am PST After sharing over a dozen BTS pics from the Balmain campaign shoot, Kim wrote, "This shoot was so much fun!

Kim Kardashian's latest job: Spokeswoman for T-Mobile

The reality television star and wife of musician Kanye West tweeted out on Monday about her new job, starring in a commercial which will air during Conan O'Brien's show on Wednesday. Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) January 26, 2015 T-Mobile has been aggressively advertising in an attempt to poach customers from its competitors. Kardashian is easily the biggest star it has tapped for the series of ads, which usually emphasize the carrier's competitive pricing. Kardashian previously appeared in advertisements for Skechers' shape-ups shoes. Terms Mashable is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation.

Kim Kardashian ?Furious? With Beyonce, Wants To Top Her By Getting Pregnant And Posing Nude

"I think everyone goes through things in life, and I think that story and what Bruce is going through, I think he'll share whenever the time is right," she says. "I feel like that's his journey to talk about." She can say, however, that Bruce is currently "the happiest" she's ever seen him. NEWS: InTouchMagazine Photoshops Makeup on Bruce Jenner, Sparks Outrage Earlier this month, In Touch magazine Photoshopped a picture of Bruce to make it appear as if he was wearing makeup and women's clothing, which ran with the headline, "Bruce's Story: My Life As a Woman." Last Monday, the Kardashian-Jenner daughters seemingly rallied around Bruce in a show of support , Instagramming and captioning a photo with him, "Family First." "Well we support Bruce no matter what, so we were just at his house hanging out and we wanted to take a picture, that was not like a secret message like, 'We support Bruce,'" Kim clarifies. "Of course we support Bruce 100 percent." Kim tells ET, "He's our dad so we support him no matter what, and I think when the time is right, he'll talk about whatever he wants Vivid Celeb Kim Kardashian to talk about. I just think it's his story to talk about, not really mine." PICS: Kim Kardashian Attempts to Break the Internet, Goes Full Frontal The 34-year-old reality star has, of course, herself been the subject of plenty of rumors -- recently focused on whether she's having baby number two.

EXCLUSIVE! Kim Kardashian on Bruce Jenner: 'He's the Happiest I've Ever Seen Him' - Yahoo Celebrity

However, Kim isnt planning on stripping down again just to see if she can top her infamous Paper magazine cover she also wants to prove that she can beat Beyonce at the buzz creation game. According to the Independent, a source close to Kim Kardashian revealed that the reality show star thinks her second pregnancy will be the event of the year. However, Kardashian is worried that shell have to top Beyonces next big baby announcement, and shes furious that Beyonce is dropping baby hints while shes struggling to conceive. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Beyonce sparked pregnancy rumors by sharing an Instagram photo of herself buried in the sand. Someone had shaped the sand over her belly to look like a big baby bump, and immediately there was speculation that the photo was Beys creative way of announcing that shes pregnant again. A source recently told Heat magazine that the photo has inspired Kim Kardashian shes trying to get pregnant ASAP so that her belly can score Beyonce levels of attention.

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24 Jan 2015 

His industry experience and insight make him well suited to lead BlueCross effort in the senior market. Mr. Ray has worked in the health insurance industry for 18 years. He joined BlueCross in 2013 as director of product strategy with responsibility for product development for Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplemental products. Prior to joining BlueCross, Mr. Ray worked for Humana, Inc. where he most recently served as regional director of Medicare risk adjustment and strategic planning for a four state region.

Ray Evernham reflects on Jeff Gordon's legacy in NASCAR | News |

Only Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and the Patriots employees whose job it is to keep Bradys footballs softer than NFL law allows and the officials for the tainted AFC Championship Game. And a Commissioner who is again playing with fire, this time with what seems to be a delay-of-game strategy that threatens to take the air out of the trust of the general public and turn Super Bowl Week into Hell Week for everyone concerned players, coaches, executives, corporate sponsors and fans. A week that would be consumed with a tsunami of questions from wannabe Woodwards and Bernsteins to players on the Patriots and Seahawks, and possibly end with an image many fans, who still wonder whether the Patriots again deflated integrity and sportsmanship, would find troubling and suspicious: Roger Goodell handing the Lombardi Trophy over to Belichick and Brady. After he hands it to the owner who has been such a staunch supporter through his well-documented trials and tribulations, Robert Kraft. Therein lies the grave risk for Goodell and the NFL with an unresolved Deflategate: An America that cant help believing the league is soft on the Patriots, of all teams, at the worst possible time. An America that questions whether its pledge of integrity is little more than lip service.

Why Goodell is shamefully dragging his feet ? and staining the Super Bowl | New York Post

election in May is likely to produce the most fragmented parliament since the 1970s. Liddle, 57, voted for the Conservatives, led by Prime Minister David Cameron , at every election: until now. While Cameron has promised a referendum on EU membership if he wins, Liddle is more attracted by UKIPs message. He says leader Nigel Farage, a privately educated former metals trader who styles himself as a beer-drinking man of the people, is more my kind of person. Polish Competition A former soldier who did four tours or Northern Ireland during the conflict there, Liddle has two sons. The elder, 30, works in retail in Germany.

A summary of the wild 2014 NFL season - Yahoo Sports

"Who opened up the door for all these kids across the country in gokarts and quarter-midgets and showed them that you do have to work out and you do have to be clean-cut and you do have to know how to speak and that you do have to know how to represent sponsors well at appearances. I think Jeff Gordon set the mold for that. Thats something where hes always going to be the first and be remembered for being that guy that had the plan from the first minute he sat in a quarter-midget at 5-years-old, he and John Bickford had a plan. The end of an era Evernham called Gordons semi-retirement from the drivers seat inevitable. They had discussed Gordons decision for more than a year including this past weekend when they were playing together in the desert outside of Yuma, Ariz. While Evernham knows Gordon is not walking away from the sport and expects to see him frequently at Hendrick Motorsports, when he woke up this morning, the reality of Gordons announcement hit him.

Revenge of Disaffected Europe Risks Crisis Sparked in Greece - Bloomberg

. GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) -- The NFL has reached the pinnacle of its season with the Super Bowl just around the corner. Although it's the most popular sport in the U.S., for many Americans and millions around the world, the Super Bowl is the only football game they will watch all year. Some people know more about the NFL's domestic violence policy or the way the league inflates footballs than about the actual teams - the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots - playing in the big game on Feb. 1.

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18 Jan 2015 

Kanye West and Kim Karadashian Dinner Date In Santa Monica | Hip-Hop Wired

Mrs. Wests five course special includes dishes such as Stuffed Kalimari (with kauliflower, pistachio, raisin, salsa verde), Khicken Fried Rump Roast (with kabbage, pickled pear, buttermilk ranch) and Karrot Kake (with Goldschlagger, salted caramel). Standouts for Kayne include Bound 2 Pork Roulade Bourguinon (with celeriac puree, artichoke, parsley salad) and Imma Let You Finish (pernod Yeezecake, chantilly cream). And for lovebirds who crave a romantic meal made for two, theres The North West (pacific northwest salmon en croute, bacon braised greens). For the complete er, komplete?

Kanye West And Paul McCartney Take Tumble On Billboard Hot 100

These camera guys caught Yeezy buckling in, but were also sure to snap pics of Kim Ks ample cakes. Peep the flicks below and on the flip. Subscribe to HipHopWired on YouTube! #DontShoot Report

Kanye West 'Enraged' At Kim's Ex Ray J

Hollywood Life says Kanye is considering legal action because he feels Ray J is just trying to get under his skin by moving so close to he and Kim. Kanye is looking to possibly get a restraining order and considers this borderline harassment. So whats the deal with Kanye being so angry? Is Kanye jealous or is it something more? Ray J is known for his relationship with Kim and for making the now infamous sex tape with Kim in 2003 and then leaking it in 2007 right when Kim and her family signed with E! to film Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kanye doesnt trust Ray J and is incredibly protective of his wife of eight months.

Kanye West Talks Paul McCartney Song, Bruce Jenner Transformation, Kim Kardashian Pregnancy [Video]

West is worried that Jenner might experience the same tragedy that happened to Kanyes own mother, explained the insider. Kanyes mother, Donda, died in 2007 due to post-plastic surgery complications and heart disease. Kanye told Bruce that he needs to calm down on all the surgeries. He feels its not cool or safe. After all, look what happened to his mom.

However, Kanye West was expecting Only One to become a comeback single after his last album Yeezus flopped. It looks like Kanyes upcoming 2015 album, which is untitled as of today, is in trouble. Perhaps the whole Kim Kardashian marriage isnt really helping him separate his image from his music. Even though Yeesus was a sales disappointment, the album was still loved by many critics. However, Only One has received some dismal reviews. Randall Roberts of the Los Angeles Times says Only One is a disaster.

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18 Jan 2015 

Oh, just the man who made a sex tape with his wife, Kim Kardashian artist and star of For the Love of Ray J, the one and only Ray J. Kanye and his blushing bride have been residing in the Hidden Hills community in Calfornia enjoying blissful married life and time with their baby girl, North West, but all that peace and bliss could be gone soon with the possible move. According to TMZ, Ray J made an offer on a baller mansion that includes three horse stalls that is just eight doors away from Kim and Kanyes residence. The offer was for $2.7 million for the mansion. And just how does Kanye feel about having Brandys little brother in his neighborhood?

After all, look what happened to his mom. As for Kanyes hope that Bruce can be a grandfather to North for many years to come, he also wants additional grandchildren for Jenner , reported People magazine.